Man is Not a Rock
filmed and edited by George Itzhak

As the commencement project of a yearlong arts fellowship, I directed a reading of Joseph Brodsky's first interview in the Western world following his exile from the Soviet Union in 1972. 

The U.S. Poet Laureate and Nobel Laureate was interviewed by friend and translator, author Elisabeth Markstein, at the Austrian house she shared with her husband, Hans. The recording was held by Markstein's estate until her death. 

The interview was released to the Russian press in 2014 and translated into English in 2015. It touches on universal themes of inspiration, creativity, the spiritual illness of consumerism, and necessity of art as survival.

The project was funded by COJECO Blueprint Project, in collaboration with The Baffler magazine, and actors from the Lost and Found Project

Producer/ director: Anya Khalamayzer
Actors: Sergey Nagorny (Brodsky), Masha King (Elisabeth Markstein), Boris Zilberman (Hans Markstein)
Set Design: Miriam Brandt
Venue: The Museum of Interesting Things (Denny Daniels)